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Information about SHS

The School:

Springfield High School, co-located with the River Valley Technical Center in Springfield, Vermont, is a comprehensive public high school (Grades 9-12). The total enrollment is approximately 400 students. They are taught by a dedicated and experienced staff committed to ensuring that each student becomes a Capable Cosmopolitan and that their emotional, physical, social, and intellectual needs are met throughout their experience.


Springfield High School is approved by the State of Vermont and accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.


Academic Programs:

Springfield High School offers a comprehensive suite of traditional courses and flexible pathways to ensure that each student is proficient prior to graduation. We offer several Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement courses and support students in accessing Early College. In addition to these offerings, students at SHS can enroll in Cosmos "U", our personalized learning space, or Innovation Labs, interdisciplinary, project-based courses taught by one or more SHS teachers. Finally, students can enroll in innovative vocational programming in a variety of areas at the adjacent River Valley Technical Center campus.


SHS operates on a semester block schedule. Each academic block is 65 minutes in length, and there are also 30 - 40 minute Advisory and Flex blocks daily. In most cases, students have the same advisory cohort year after year, allowing for a strong and productive working relationship with a small cohort of students and a trusted adult.