SHS Counseling Department

The School Counseling Department provides academic, social/emotional, and post-secondary support to all students in grades 9-12. We help students to develop the tools and confidence they need to become self-directed learners, strong self-advocates, and positive and creative contributors to their community. We work with students to set personal and educational goals and we collaborate with families, school staff, and community members to support students in bringing those goals to life.
School Counseling Director: Corrie Smith– [email protected]
School Counselor: Jason Touchette — [email protected]
School Counselor: Michelle Pinter- Petrillo - [email protected] 
Social Worker:  Deb Harrison - [email protected]
Multiple Pathways Coordinator: Patty Davenport — [email protected]
Registrar & Counseling Office Mgr: Nancy Bovat - [email protected]